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How to choose a customs broker

Companies directly involved in trade periodically deal with customs authorities, since they often order imported goods. The legislation guarantees equal and equal rights to all legal entities involved in redirecting cargo abroad. In this case, preference is given to customs broker when preparing documents.

How to choose a broker? Customs brokers clearly know all the nuances of clearance, are well versed in the legislation, and can also significantly simplify the procedure for registering and transporting cargo.

Basic design schemes

What are the main schemes for registering cargo transportation?

There are several schemes, namely black, white and gray.

  1. White schemes imply the absence of fraud and full compliance with all points of the law. It turns out that these are direct contacts between the supplier and the recipient of the cargo, correctly selected documentation codes, and specified codes for the goods. Clearing cargo according to a white scheme minimizes the development of problems at the border.
  2. Gray schemes imply customs clearance with deviations from established rules. True, these deviations are in principle insignificant, so the diagram cannot be called black. She’s just grey.
  3. Black schemes are a serious violation of the law. There is a risk that at the customs border they will figure out that the actions are illegal, and serious problems may arise.

It is better to comply with legal, white agreements.

Customs broker: how to choose the right one

Before ordering the services of a broker, you should pay attention to some factors, namely:

  • availability of a license: the broker must be licensed, this indicates the legality of the company and reliability;
  • experience: a customs broker must be experienced, well versed in his industry, and conduct successful transactions; brokers who have already worked with similar products will have a good understanding of what to do and how to complete the documentation;
  • reputation: you must definitely check the reputation of the brokerage company, look at reviews, monitor websites; if the broker is good and reliable, he will have a good reputation and positive reviews.

You also need to check the fees. Typically, customs brokers charge a certain percentage of the transaction for their services. It is important that the payment scheme is accessible and understandable to the potential client. You can request a quote in advance to help you make a decision.

Communication with the client, sociability, and the ability to navigate requests are very important for a broker. A good broker should be able to answer clients’ questions.

If you follow these recommendations, it is not difficult to choose a reliable, professional broker that meets the specified criteria.

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